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wish it didn’t happen!!

January 13, 2008

Knock Knock!!

Knock Knock!!

Still half awake, I looked at watch, it was almost 9:0AM.

Happy that I was awake within 6 hours of sleep.

Yawning, opened the door to find a beautiful lady standing.

She had beautiful eyes, concerned look in them.long shiny black hairs, which rolled past her shoulders matching with her dress.

Suddenly I found myself completely awake, and felt happy for an unusual morning.

She was holding a small notepad and wearing LAPD badge on her chest.

Saw a few other LAPD officers knocking on neighbours door.

She said, “Hi”


“Sorry to wake you up”

“It’s fine”

“There is a dead body in your parkway, do you know anything about it”

“Deadbody!! in parkway!! when did this happen?”

I peaked over her to see a few more police officers in parking area. The area was marked with yellow tape – crime scene – do not cross. Some of the cops were surrounding a car.

“Probably last night, did you hear anything?”

“Nope I didn’t hear anything. I returned from my friends place early morning around 3:30 AM, didn’t notice anything particular then.”

Baffled and confused, I asked her, “When was this reported?”

“Just before some time”

I thought it might have been Jack (using alias) as I used to find him mostly by 7:00AM taking care of his business.

She said, “So you returned at 3:30AM and you didn’t see anything and didn’t notice anything unusual”

“yeah that’s true, but I am not sure of the time It might have been earlier than 3:30AM, It should be around 3:00AM as I retired to bed at 3:30AM.”

She made a point in the notebook.

“what is your name?”

will continue later…